Chris Kite Programming, Computer Security, Etc.


Computer Security

  • While studying at UT, received a 4.0 in Introduction to Computer Security, Information Assurance and Security, Network Security and Privacy, and Cryptography.
  • Responsible for the network security of the Biomedical Informatics Laboratory while employed as System Administrator
  • Researched and implemented computer security solutions as a researcher for the UT Center for Information Assurance and Security
  • Ensured web server and application security on several projects for Vesper Web Design
  • Coded from scratch a Java implementation of AES256


  • Rewrote the loop-aes linux kernel module to perform disk encryption with multiple threads in parallel in order to greatly improve throughput on multi-processor systems with high-performance disk arrays
  • Designed and implemented a benchmark suite to test several performance aspects of disk systems
  • Developed a preemptive multitasking operating system from the ground up as a project for CS372H: Operating Systems Honors.
  • Installed and maintained Linux and Mac OSX on several workstations and servers while employed as System Administrator at the UT Biomedical Informatics Laboratory

Web Development

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