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Are You a Brute-Force Enabler?

03.29.2009 · Posted in Passwords, Security

Jimmy Ruska has taken the time to combine data from 3 compromised-password lists, and the results are pretty interesting. If an attacker can try just a single password against every user on your web application, he’ll compromise about 1% of them. Even with a fairly stringent 3-attempt lockout policy, about ...

Haddock: Generate Memorable Passwords in Ruby

03.29.2009 · Posted in Passwords, Security

Newly released RubyGem Haddock¬†offers to generate easy-to-remember passwords, but how secure are they? Haddock-generated passwords are of the form {word}{number}{symbol}{word}, and are generated to be at-most as long as a user-specified length. So for example, an 8-character Haddock password might be “amy7@rax”. For a relatively low-security password, like you might ...

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