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How To Put Firefox’s “Open Link in New Tab” Button On Top

05.27.2009 · Posted in Web Browsers

For the longest time, I’ve wanted Firefox to put the “Open Link in New Tab” option at the top of the context menu when I click on a link. I use this option all the time, and the mild annoyance of having to move my mouse to get to it has added up over the years. I even switched to using Google Chrome as my main browser partly because it has the “Open in New Tab” menu item right where I like it: at the top of the right-click context menu.

Today I was finally about to write a Firefox extension just to correct this annoyance when I stumbled upon the Firefox Menu Editor extension. This add-on allows you to edit the text and position of pretty much any menu item in Firefox 2 and 3, including the one I care about most! I installed it, tweaked the menu, and now I’m a happy Firefox user again.


10 Responses to “How To Put Firefox’s “Open Link in New Tab” Button On Top”

  1. Walter Thrash says:

    Thank you so much for this! This was the last hurdle personally keeping me from coming back to Firefox after Chrome was released.

  2. […] what do you know? Courtesy of Chris Kite’s blog, I found a link for a FireFox Menu Editor that let’s me do exactly what I want. Swap the […]

  3. Awesome. Thanks. Just googled this found your blog. Gonna try it out now. FF context menu definitely seems backwards…..New tab should be at the top. Thanks.

  4. wow, man, haha, i am having the same feeling of annoyance… so, i did a google search for solution. then, i found your place, haha… nice, nice information, thank you for sharing this… i will try…

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thanks god , thank Chris Kite , i have searched it long time , thanks again !

  6. thanks so much, this was annoying me for years.

  7. Thanks, that always bugged me having to move my mouse down one row.

  8. This was at the very top of my list of annoyances with the FF browser. Glad I found your site.

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